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About Basic Machining

About Us

Basic Machining can remanufacture, fabricate, service, or repair any metal part of machinery. Onsite services include align boring and flange facing. 

Our Services

  • custom fabrication and machining jobs.
  • custom fabrication for mining and mill equipment parts among many other metal equipment parts.
  • portable align boring and portable flange facing services.
  • fabricate shafts, bushings, pins, cylinders, etc.
  • over 34 years of fine custom fabrication and machining services

Emergency Response Parts program icon Emergency Parts Program™

We've developed the processes and systems to get your mill or mine operating as soon as possible when a critical part breaks. 

  • parts manufactured from sketches or we reverse-engineer drawings from worn-out parts
  • parts delivered on schedule (When you receive a delivery date from us; it means something. Just ask our customers)

Contact us and ask how we can help.

"We have been doing business with Basic Machining Ltd. for over 30 years. Always excellent service and professional work, in the shop or in the field. Scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs. Mike has a great staff always happy and willing to get us up and running as smoothly as possible."
Jamie Fenwick, Fenwick Chipping

Onsite Services

We offer onsite align boring services and portable flange facing services with our  16-foot trailer filled with portable machine tools.

Portable onsite repair services for align boring and flange facing

Who are our customers?

We have worked with clients in the heavy equipment, forestry, mines, mills, and hydro.

Some of our main clients include;  Goldcorp, Eacom Ear Falls Sawmill, Musselwhite Mine, Rubicon, Gilbertson Enterprises, H20 Power, Hydro One, Broda Construction, New Gold (in Barwick), Barrens North, CN Rail, EKT, Emcon and Nortrax and just to mention a few.

Ordering Parts

Our Process — How it Works

icon of a drawing

Send the Sketch of your part

We need a sketch, or an old part, and details about materials and tolerances. Let us know if your operation is shut-down.

icon showing paper with quotation

We Send you a Quote

We will examine the request, determine how quickly the work can be completed and send you a quote.

icon showing CAD file

We create CAD drawings

Our CAD programmers will use your sketch to create the CAD files necessary to complete the job.

icon showing finished product

Part is produced to Quality Tolerances

Your part is completed within the required tolerances and delivered by the promised due date.

We can also reverse engineer worn out parts. 

Our Advantage

  • We can fabricate almost any machine part. We have an excellent staff. Our parts match original specs as required. 
  • We work fast. Our clients are up and running as quickly as possible. 
  • Fabricating parts is quicker and less costly than buying new parts from OEMs
  • We can come to you. Our onsite/portable services are available.
  • We have experience. When you choose Basic Machining, you are dealing with a company that has been around for 34+ years. 
  • We have the machinery (15 well-maintained machines including the brand new CNC lathe (Haas ST-30 Y)
  • We use high-quality raw materials only. No shortcuts!
  • We have large stores of raw materials to meet the needs of emergency shutdowns in sawmills and mines
  • We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers which facilitates just-in-time inventory
  • We work in an 18-thousand square foot custom fabrication shop with 16 employees
  • Most of our business comes from referrals. What does that tell you about us?
Basic Machining offices and part of the workshop
Basic Machining Offices

We are set-up to keep our promises.

We have:

  • A large inventory of raw materials to meet the needs of emergency shutdowns in sawmills and mines
  • Just in time inventory through strong relationships with our suppliers
  • 18-thousand square foot custom fabrication shop with 16 employees
  • portable align-boring equipment and portable flange-facing equipment

We have the raw materials, tools/equipment, and expertise to handle any custom fabrication or machining job you can imagine regardless of the industry. Our focus is delivering quality parts to customers in mining and forestry, and other organizations, who need a quick turnaround.  

Based in Ontario, Canada

Basic Machining is based in Dryden, Ontario, Canada and we work with Canadian companies. We travel to surrounding areas with portable align boring and portable flange-facing services. 

Community Involvement

Kiwanis International

Basic Machining Ltd. is a proud sponsor in partnership with Kiwanis International in supporting Canada Day Celebrations and Annual Winter Festival in Dryden.

Dryden High School Student Bursary Program

Basic Machining provides two $500.00 bursaries will be awarded to a Dryden Highschool student continuing their education in a Skilled Trades program either in a college program (proof registration required) or entering an apprenticeship in a skilled trade (proof of registration required). Preference will be given to students entering into a Skilled Trade program recognized by a College or Technical Institute. Payment will be made upon receipt of confirmation of registration in September but can be delayed no longer than one year pending registration in the program.

Please contact your Dryden Highschool Guidance Office for details. 

Submissions can be sent to:

Basic Machining 
c/o Olga Benjamin
P.O. Box: 164
17123 Highway 17 West Dryden, Ontario
P8N 2Y8


Quality Drives our Decisions

We use quality to make our decisions. We can remanufacture tolerances within .001 of an inch. Quality is our guidepost. 

We take the time and do it right. We don't rush. Everything has to be done with precision and done properly. We have everything in place: the people, processes, and equipment, to handle high-pressure jobs. Michael Kellar, President

We understand uptime is crucial. Contact us for a quote on the component you need.

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Company History

Learn about Basic Machining's company history.


Mike Kellar, President

Mike Kellar, President

When you need a quote, I'll have it ready within a few hours. I'm a licensed inter-provincial machinist by trade so I understand what factors are required for jobs to be done on-time.

Chrystal Kellar, Office Administration

Chrystal Kellar, Office Administration

My responsibility and goal is top-notch customer service and I will be pleased to assist you, or put you in touch with our best person, to handle your request.



We are a tight-knit group of 16 people, dedicated to our craft of fabrication.